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What does trust mean to you? What do you need to trust a person talking to you?
What do you need to be able to trust? Why is a person trustable? What does this person do to be trusted by an audience? Why does a person generate trust in an audience and why another one does not generate trust at all?
Which is the consequence of generating trust? Which is the road to build a list of followers? Do you know how to generate the trust you need to have the followers you want?
I personally believe there are as many answers as people on earth. Since each one of us is a small world in himself.
Trust is as well what is “in the way” to get married with a person or get divorced from a person.
Trust is transformed into confidence when it is related to your trust  regarding what you can achieve.
Even though it might be difficult to generate TRUST “in the world” to millions of people at the same time, it is possible to generate TRUST in a piece of “the pie of the world” that means in a group of people and this is what we call our FOLLOWERS.
When you talk about a funnel and how to transform LEADS into FOLLOWERS what you are really talking about is how to generate TRUST!
Just imagine while reading this article the world as a delicious apple pie. Then imagine in the center of this “circular apple pie” a lighted candle.  The candle is the CENTER of the apple pie and the center of the world.
Imagine that center as the place where is what you would call God, Spirit or give that candle the name you would like according to your belief and understanding of the World and the Universe.
Now imagine having a compass and drawing concentric circles all around the center where the candle is standing.
Each of us is seated in one of those concentric circles as healers walking toward the center, toward the candle, toward the light, evolving through our own life path represented by a radius.
Through every activity we develop and every product we create along the radius representing our life path, we are generating as well around us new concentric circles that are waves of energy, and can attract followers. Like when you throw a stone to the ocean. You are creating a new niche of followers around you along your life path. The waves are “little bells” awakening only a specific group of people at a time.
When do I become a follower of someone? I become a follower when the person generates trust. TRUST is felt. This is not something you think this is something you feel, something generated in the frequency of your system, of your frequency of values and believes. There is a “tuned frequency” that brings you to be in the concentric circles of the stone thrown to the ocean, there is a kind of energy embracing you with love, showing you this is the one to follow. He is speaking to you the truth you need to listen to evolve walking your Journey toward the light of the candle in the center of the Universe that will bring you home safe and secure.
It is there where you belong. You are discovering your tribe. You are being attracted by your group of peers. That person speaks your language, he understands you. He has been where you are, and shows you that he understands your feelings.
As a teacher, I know I can easily generate trust in my students. I have been doing it as obvious and as who I am for 35 years with ease. How do I generate that trust? I generate it by speaking a truth. What does this exactly mean? I can teach a topic from a place where I can transfer the information and make my student feel safe and secure about what I am talking and with a language through which he is able to get the idea of what I am talking about and understanding as well the topic he is studying with ease.
Why do I generate that trust? Because when I generate it I can connect with the person in a way that helps me give him the KEY to open the door to his own greatness and this is my mission.
I follow my personal protocol through which I help him build the security and self esteem he needs to believe from whom he is and his own skills that he is able to trust himself and walk his journey toward the lighted candle.

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