miércoles, 3 de julio de 2013

How do you feel with “a NO” as an answer?

Many times in our life, we receive a NO as an answer. We have all gone through this situation and we have all reacted the same way. We feel angry, frustrated, disapointed and mad. Deep inside ourselves we think something is wrong with us. May be we are not enough! May be we said something wrong! May be we did something wrong. But the truth is that this is not the truth! And the other truth is that we never ever consider that as a possibility. We take the answer as a fact! And we generally feel terrible!

What would happen if the truth behind the NO was different?

What would happen if thanks to this “NO” we could continue searching for our “road to follow” to achieve success, to achieve our dream, to achieve reaching the place where we really have to be, instead of staying in a place that is not exactly for us!

I know that you are reading this thinking this is not the truth! I have been where you are and I also felt the same! And even for me today a “NO” is still difficult to process. So I invite you to stay calm and continue reading!

We have not been trained to understand this differently along our journey, absolutely not! And these are the situations where instead of empower ourselves we get totally lost, feel bad and remain stack. Because this is the consequence of the answer “NO” in our system: confusion, bad feelings, disappointment.

Today, after many years of feeling what you also feel when going through these situations I realize that thanks to the NO´s in my life, I did not stay in a place that was not for me, even if I may have thought it was. Because we all think like that! You are not alone you are not the only one!

So I invite you to remember from now, that the “NO´s” are just information for you to turn direction, to make a shift and continue walking in a different direction to find the light, to find your light! It is like the street lights. A NO is a red light and a YES is a green light along the journey.

We live our life learning, while going through challenges. This is the training we have to go through to reach our destination. We may reach it or not depending on how we process and evaluate the results and answers we get on a daily basis. Today it is important to understand we may not have been aware about this fact and how we have to process the information we receive. It is not our fault, it is how it has been, still this may change from now. You may be open to the possibility of evaluating things differently from now. You have the right to do it.

Because life if a journey, and you walk through it to reach the place where you will shine your own light. As simple as that! Try to step back and see the picture of your life. How was the path you walked? Did you have many turns?

This is why it is so important to find your purpose to live your life on purpose.

Your purpose will then integrate with your vision and mission and you will fuel it with your passion. It is then that your life will make sense and you will feel who you are, since you will have clarity and confidence about what you are doing in your daily life.

We have to open our eyes, stay tuned and wait for the time to come. We have to be ready, we have to be prepared to offer our best version to deliver our gift to the world.

Everything will finally be what it has to be and the big picture will show up in front of your eyes.

Trust your heart and your inner guidance!!! It may not be easy but you will be so happy at that moment that you will never regret how long it took to get to your destination.

The trip is a lesson. It is a process and it sure takes time. Every person needs a different piece of the puzzle to be supported with, to achieve the goal.

I highly recommend you look for guidance, and the right mentor, the right coach that will guide you as your personal teacher exactly as he was mentored to achieve his goal.

Be patient, trust the process and look for help. You will never regret you did it!

It will be terrible to regret not reaching your final destination at the end of the Journey!

With love, light, gratitude and abundance to all

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
 “The Clarity Mentor”
“Leadership Consultant for Visionary Leaders”
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La Paz - Bolivia 

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  1. So, true, Esther! Life is a journey, and we might as well enjoy the ride! Looking at the 'No's' as just a suggestion for 're-direction' is such a liberating way to view it. Thanks for sharing your insight!

    1. I do agre with you Susan. Wonderful way of expressing it as a "liberating way of viewing it" because it is nothing different from that! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


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