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HEALING AND COACHING SERVICES - The Products and Services Offered and the Benefits of getting them

The Services:

One to one sessions Balance, TFH, PKP, EFT, NLP
Energy Balance Sessions
Groups Sessions: Specific Topics requested for young, medium and elderly ages, children, men and women
Standard Topics Sessions: Depression, Improve Self Esteem
Special Programs for Elderly: One to One Sessions
                                           Biography writing your Legacy (optional)
Group Programs for Elderly
Coaching Programs for Teachers
Coaching Programs for Parents and Tutors
Coaching Programs for Adolescents
Coaching programs for Companies Business Staff
Coaching Programs for Hotels
Coaching Programs for Corporations
Coaching Programs for Women in Transition
Coaching Programs for Groups working for the society
Coaching Programs for Communication Media
Coaching Programs for Bookstores, Editors, Print Offices
Visit those programs at http://iticonesther.blogspot.com/  

Products to be released soon:
                                                                Books and e-Books
                                                                Audio Programs
                                                                Workbooks and programs
Benefits of Sessioning with me:
Improve self esteem
Enhance your Charisma
Feel better, happier, more confident
Feel less stress, more secure, safe
Have Clarity of mind
Improve relationships
Find the purpose of your life
Discover who you are, where you want to be
Plan the strategy to achieve it
Improve Health

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