viernes, 1 de enero de 2010

What does Healing Mean?

Healing means curing, invigorating.

The meaning has a component in the body, mind and Soul.

It involves the physical body, and from the mind implies values and beliefs of the human being, religious beliefs, holistic and mystic.

Through the integration of body, mind and soul, you can cure wounds involving many times very deep issues that cannot heal only in one stage and need the 3 of them.

In general, they relate to issues regarding lessons to learn across the life path to be able to understand the significance of our own life.

Through this integration and understanding you can get a balance in your own life.

Deciding to take this first step to achieve that understanding, let us understand the lesson involved and comprehend the lesson can cause amazing results in the physical body and many times in the illnesses the body loads as a burden due to a difficult path.

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